Thames & Kosmos Ingenious Ultimate Family Strategy Game.”

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Thames & Kosmos Ingenious Ultimate Family Strategy Game.” Description

Ingenious has captured the hearts and minds of families and gamers around the world. This international bestseller is one of those rare games that appeals to serious gamers and casual ‘non-gamers’ alike.In Ingenious, one to four players take turns placing colored tiles on the game board, earning points for the number of matching colored symbols that radiate outward in straight lines from the placed tile.Each tile is shaped like two hexagons stuck together along one edge, each hexagon with a colored symbol on it. Thus, it’s possible to earn points by extending lines of matching symbols in five directions per hexagon, and ten per tile.The trick is that the winner is not necessarily the player who has the highest scores in a few colors. Rather, the player with the highest score in his or her lowest-scoring color wins!It’s ingenious…and it’s hugely entertaining, time and time again. The fun simply radiates in all directions!

Thames & Kosmos Ingenious Ultimate Family Strategy Game.” buy

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