Polly Pocket Tiny Twirlin Music Box

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Polly Pocket Tiny Twirlin Music Box Description

It’s dance recital and performance time with the Polly Pocket Pocket World Tiny Twirlin’ Music Box! Shaped like a music box, the compact opens to a ballet-themed world complete with micro Polly and Lila dolls! The stage awaits and there’s so much to explore! To arrive in style for the performance, micro Polly and Lila dolls arrive in a horse-drawn carriage accessory (one doll fits). Then the secret surprise reveals begin: the stage flips down to reveal backstage; the center stage twirls (you can stick a doll there and make her spin); the backstage dress rehearsal door opens to change into tutus; the piano opens; and the snack stand flips up for hungry audience members. With Polly Stick technology, micro Polly doll and friends can stick anywhere on the compact. Place a sticker from the sticker sheet (included) on the compact and the dolls will stick to the sticker wherever placed. Compact is small enough to take anywhere, anytime for the classiest of Polly Pocket adventures. Includes Polly Pocket Pocket World Tiny Twirlin’ Music Box compact, Polly and Lila dolls and horse-drawn carriage accessory. Colors and decorations may vary.​​

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