Oregon Trail: Hunt for Food Card Game

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Oregon Trail: Hunt for Food Card Game Description

Beware as you embark on this treacherous journey. In The Oregon Trail: Hunt for Food Card Game, you must work together with your fellow travelers to collect 600 pounds of meat. However, you will face many deadly threats during your hunt: you might get bitten by a snake, break your leg, or get trapped by obstacles and never make it back to the trail.In this game, each roll can be a life or death matter. For example, as a team, you must roll a 1 or 2 to kill a bear. With these odds, you must determine the best way to reach 600 pounds of meat. If at least one member of your party survives to collect 600 pounds of meat, everyone wins. It’s harder than it sounds.Luckily, if you have the original The Oregon Trail Card Game, you can play this game as an extension or on its own. This add on feature will allow you to carry your food and supplies to our original game. However, if you die in this game, both games are over.Despite these obstacles, rest assured that this team dynamic game will bring you and your fellow comrades closer than ever as you trek along The Oregon Trail. With 2 to 6 players, ages 12 and up, the possibilities are endless. Your fate depends on your strategic skills, teammates, and even your dice.

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