Fat Brain Toys Zoos on Top?

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Fat Brain Toys Zoos on Top? Description

Looking to sharpen your deductive reasoning and logic skills? Why not take a trip to the zoo? Each player gets 6 plastic animal tiles and 6 matching cardboard tiles. Secretly, slide the six plastic tiles into your zoo tower in any order you want. Then, prepare your brain for a ruckus of zooLOGICal fun! Taking turns, players ask each other yes or no questions to try and determine the order in which their opponent’s animals have been placed. ‘Is the chimp above the rhinoceros?’ – ‘Is the alligator below the bear?’ Whoever can crack the code first wins the game! Vibrant, playful, and challenging for a wide range of ages – Discover whose brain is at the top of the food chain with Zoo’s on Top! Zoo’s on Top? – Playful zoo-themed game of cracking sequence codes with only yes or no questions – Encourages logic, critical thinking, problem solving, visualization skills – It’s a ruckus of zooLOGICal fun! – Players secretly place their plastic animal tiles into their tower in any order they want – Players take turns asking each other yes or no questions to determine the order of the other player’s animals – Use the cardboard animal tiles to represent your guess – Whoever guess the other player’s sequence correctly first wins the game – Three wrong guesses and you lose – Includes 2 Zoo Towers with bases and frames, 12 plastic animal tiles, 12 cardboard solution tiles – Detailed game rules and instructions included – High quality materials – Lasting durability, exceptional game-play experience

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