Inspired in Cincy at OFFF

On Saturday, we piled into a green Honda Element and set course for Ohio where a who’s who of designers and artists presented at OFFF Cincinnati 2016. For designers, events like these are where we go to hang on the words of our idols and re-discover our capacity to create work that excites us.

Our favorite talks were from Outro Studio, Adi Goodrich, Alan Williams of Imaginary Forces, and Timothy Goodman. They served up plenty of inspiration, and a couple takeaways that reinforced our culture at Shatterbox.

Go with your gut and put your ideas out there. We don’t let fear get in the way of exploring something amazing (or terrible). The mold only breaks when we take risks. As a small firm with a supportive culture, we encourage everyone to offer ideas knowing they can’t all be winners. But when that moment of brilliance emerges…we know…and we run like hell with it.

Don’t let your title define who you are as a designer. It’s okay to experiment with new and different mediums. Our clients push us to reconceive what traditional designer roles should be, letting us think beyond our titles and solve unconventional problems in unconventional ways.

We drove home refreshed, our heads full of ideas and our Honda full of IKEA furniture—because “When in Cincy.” We’ll be back for the next OFFF. But while we wait, we’ll continue working beyond boundaries for our clients—fearlessly.

OFFF Festival Cincinnati 2016 from Lightborne on Vimeo.