The Studio

We are located in the heart of downtown Lexington, Kentucky, a place more commonly associated with horses and bourbon than with design excellence. Here at Shatterbox, we set that perception on its ear. We aren’t confined to our location; we connect with national clients as well as our neighbors next door. Our design capabilities are never limited by geography.

We are easily reached from many major cities: Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Washington, to name a few. With national clients, proximity is never an issue. If you choose, you can come to us. We’d love to have you at our studio.

Our newly-renovated studio is a tool to be used for our collaborations. With an open floor-plan and spaces created with the design process in mind, we utilize every area to the fullest. The studio’s our place for brainstorming, meeting with clients, reviewing internal work, and working on solutions to every opportunity that arrives. Life gets a lot more interesting when you work in a space devoted to collaborative design.